Tribal Trouble Tower Defense

Tribesmen on your iPhone!

Trouble is brewing in the tropical paradise once again... For reasons unknown, a gang of tribesmen have decided to waddle right across your well-kept little clearing in the jungle, and you have decided that you won't let them! You must stop the hordes of troublemakers by constructing a series of manned towers to defend your land against the uninvited disturbers. Plan your defense carefully though, for a few surprises lie in wait in the bushes.


  • An addictive remake of the classical Tower Defense gameplay. Easy to learn, but tricky to master!
  • 3 difficulty levels ensures a fitting challenge no matter what skill level you have.
  • Construct your tower defense line from 4 types of towers that can be upgraded or sold.
  • 6 different types of enemies will keep you more than busy.
  • Features many of the wacky tribesmen from the realtime strategy game Tribal Trouble.

Find it in the iTunes Apps store

Tribal trouble Tower Defense is available for Apple iPhone via Apple's iTunes Apps store for $2.99:

Tribal Trouble Tower Defense






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